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The iaaaat and iLQG Tech. Group.
(The Independent Audiology Assistant Association for the Advancement of Tinnitology in public health care) and
(The Independent Loop Quantum Gravity Technology Group).
The designer, developer, maintainer, distributor and Python 3-programmer of the API (application programming interface) and Framework for clinical Tinnitology and Epigenetical mechanics.
Phone 1 (Europe) : +45 91664237.
phone 2 (Europe) : +45 71502125
phone 3 (Europe) : +45 31882731
Phone 4 (Europe) : +45 91647989.
phone 5 (Europe) : +45 71492909

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Human Twistor space Technology, Loop Quantum Gravity Technology, NEQ (Not EQual) filesystem Technology.
(Python3-scripts, JavaScript/ECMAScripts, shell-scripts, XHTML MP 1.2) .

Last maintained : 2021-11-05.
Deprecated Python 3 code has been removed. Using or importing the Abstract Base Classes from collections instead of from is deprecated since Python 3.3, and in 3.10 it will stop working.

NEQ (NotEQual) Filesystem-source : .

IA_py3-source : .

Number-theory_py3-source : .

NEQ Filesystem Bash shell-scripts.
A NEQ Filesystem shell-script suite has been developed for the purpose of operating the fibtin2-System from the bash-shell prompt :
bashia (save the script without the file-name type ; bashia )

fibtin2-System ver. fibtecma JavaScript/ECMAScript Objects :
#iFibtin2 , (
#iAbspin , (

NEQ Filesystem Technology.
iaaaat and iLQG Tech Group.

For gaining access to Human neuroelectro/quantum entanglement of memory/attention-functioning and for Human immune-defence system implementation of code (artificial immune response regulation control).

The mathematical model for tinnotological and epigenetical mechanics provides the solution for quantum gravity, where the general theory of relativity failed;

it unifies the solution for quantum gravity with the solution for an adequate quantification between the metrics in the curved 4-dimensional Minkowski spacetime and the distribution of matter in the universe.

It is the same mathematical model for quantum tinnotological and epigenetical mechanics between vectors in state vector space in an deSitter - and Human Twistor space ket-vector entanglement.

iaaaat and iLQG Tech. Group. sys-admin.

fibtin2-System ECMAScript ver.1.1.
( fibtecma (ECMAScript, JavaScript and XHTML MP 1.2)). Only fracments of the entire fibtin2-System ver.2.9.6. Python 3 object-model functionality has been designed for ECMAScript-, and DOM-model, in separate fracments.
1. Fibtin.fibtinco() class method (super-conduction).
input x -value in text-field and Enter or Tab...
(x = number in Fibonacci-row (int. or float)).
2. Fibtin2.get_fibtin() class polymorphic method (stimuli).
input fibtin -value in text-field and Enter or Tab...
(fibtin = tinnitus pitch-match (int. or float)).


* at least 5 sec. is a requirement, because of +/- 5 sec. response-reproducibility.

3. Quantum Spin initial condition (a*t)=(g*c).
Hirschhorns 3-7-5 - and Ramanujans 6-10-8 identity .
Artificial Immune-Response Regulation Control .
(a*t) = 0.455229847712601944899875467403253
(g*c) = 0.599156248609211559597865462798635
(g*c)-(a*t) = 0.143926400896609614697989995395382.
((g*c)-(a*t))**-1 = 6.94799559893362401280649794721205.
input +/-raw spin to be added to ((g*c)-(a*t))**-1
( Enter or Tab...).

 input   +/-raw spin  to be added to Mam-att., ((g*c)-(a*t)).



Phone 1 (Europe) : +45 91664237.
phone 2 (Europe) : +45 71502125
phone 3 (Europe) : +45 31882731
Phone 4 (Europe) : +45 91647989.
phone 5 (Europe) : +45 71492909
iaaaat and iLQG Tech. Group.

Human Twistor space Tech. (py3k).

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