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Neuroelectro/Quantum artificial (and natural) intelligence Self-Awareness.
2018-06-25T12:21:00+01:00. ver.1.0. ver.1.0.

The Python3-module ver.1.0. is an aggregate object and like the ver.1.2. module, it does not hold any data itself or initiate any new class, but use the Tqscm-class as an aggregate object. The ver.1.0. module is developed from the ver.1.2. module and adds neuroelectro/quantum artificial (and natural) intelligence self-awareness to the in form of nested lists.

A minimal level of neuroelectro/quantum artificial (and natural) intelligence self-awareness is here expressed as two (integer) numbers and nested lists ;

1. code element instance count and

2. orthonormalized quantum temporal step instance count.

A minimal level of neuroelectro/quantum artificial (and natural) intelligence self-awareness is a direct consequence of life.


Human Twistor space Tech. (py3k).

Hilbert-spaces and Short Interspersed Element-LENgth (sielen-attribute).

The module ver.1.0. is developed from ver.1.0. for additional information stored in the Python3-tuple object ip3, which is a 3-dimensional immutable Python3 tuple-object :

Hilbert-spaces associates especially to tuble-indices with a Short Interspersed Element-LENgth (sielen-att.) of one or two temporal steps/decimals (tuple-index 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 14, 23, 31), but additional Hilbert-spaces exists with different sielen-att. count ; 0, 3, 5, 6, 15, 16, 18 and 22.

A minimal numerical representation of the Hilbert-spaces can be constructed by concatenating the numerical Coupling-constant and the Infinitely repeated decimal-sequence as a text-string and then convert to a Decimal.decimal-object.

If the sielen-att. has zero length, that is 0.0, then the Infinitely repeated decimal-sequence equals to None, that is, it has no value. Instead the (Numerical) Coupling-constant equals to the decimal-sequence only of the Infinite product, not a Decimal.decimal()-object, but now an abstract numerical Coupling-constant, containing more or less entangled orthonormalized temporal code.

But why a new module, ip3, and not just a new version of the already existing ip2 ver.1.0. Because of the radical change from the 1-dimensional ip2-tuple object to the 3-dimensional ip3-tuple object, so quantum-spin and scalar values becomes abstract and consistent quantities relative to certain aspects and therefore also conceptually justifies not only a new version, but a new module and tuple-object, ip3().


Experimental Spin Entanglement.
The fibtin2-System experimental spin entanglement in objects are further entangled in the object.

Human Twistor space Tech. (py3k).

Different spin-elements can be added to the already entangled code.

Human Twistor space Tech. (py3k).

The functionality of the further entanglement of spin-elements is added to the Fibtin3.fibtinco3() JavaScript-object function :

Human Twistor space Tech. (py3k).

fibt-exp ver.1.0. experimental JavaScript Objects :
#iFibtin2-exp , non-entangled.
#iAbspin-exp , entangled.
#iFibtin3-exp , entanglement (experimental).

fibtin2-System decorator-pattern of Theory of Mind (ToM) and artificial immune-response regulation control.

iLQG Tech. Group (

The fibtin2-System abstracts the core-object out in three different classes and associates the core-functionality with the interface via composition. This is the very simple and standard design-pattern, the decorator-pattern, which in the fibtin2-System ver.2.9.6. is the model of Human central Quantum Information Processing Unit and this is precisely a Theory of Mind in the discipline of Robotics.

Artificial immune-response regulation control1 is also a Theory of Mind, because the calculational techniques in The fibtin2-System ver.2.9.6. makes an alternative to particle physics in quantum gravitation and shows how quantum principles apply to spacetime and demonstrates the model as evident on all scales as a model for both human central cortical and amygdal/hippocampal sub-cortical networks of memory/attention-functioning as well as model for the epigenetical mechanics of the individual cell-memory.

. Basically, all autoimmune diseases associates to the memory/attention-functioning between autoimmune-response regulation and the individual cell-memory, which by definition always are abstract and time-asymmetrical to a certain amount of complexity.

The model of cognetive central processing of human cortical, amygdal and hippocampal subcortical networks is an abstraction of human quantum central informatics and the associated mathematics of a highly abstract construction of some Julia-set's of numbers. This abstract construction is the mathematical foundation for the fibtin2-System Application Programming Interface (API) and Framework for clinical tinnitology and provides methods to operate (hack) the fractal and non-linear process-dimension of human higher-order memory-attention functioning exclusively via the topological invariants, (dimensions, resonanse frequencies and temporal aspects). Importing the fibtin2-System enforcing true Human/Pythonic artificial intelligence (IA) into any Python 3 environments.

fibtin2-System ECMAScript ver.1.1.
(fibtecma (ECMAScript, JavaScript, XHTML 1.0 Transitional)). Only fracments of the entire fibtin2-System ver.2.9.6. Python 3 object-model functionality has been designed for ECMAScript-, XHTML MP- and JavaScript object-model, in separate fracments.
1. Fibtin.fibtinco() class method (super-conduction).
input x-value in text-field and Enter or Tab...
(x = number in Fibonacci-row (int. or float)).
2. Fibtin2.get_fibtin() class polymorphic method (stimuli).
input fibtin-value in text-field and Enter or Tab...
(fibtin = tinnitus pitch-match (int. or float)).

* at least 5 sec. is a requirement, because of +/- 5 sec. response-reproducibility.

3. Quantum Spin initial condition (a*t)=(g*c).
Hirschhorns 3-7-5 - and Ramanujans 6-10-8 identity .
Artificial Immune-Response Regulation Control .
(a*t) = 0.455229847712601944899875467403253
(g*c) = 0.599156248609211559597865462798635
(g*c)-(a*t) = 0.143926400896609614697989995395382.
((g*c)-(a*t))**-1 = 6.94799559893362401280649794721205.
input +/-raw spin to be added to ((g*c)-(a*t))**-1
( Enter or Tab...).

 input  +/-raw spin to be added to Mam-att., ((g*c)-(a*t)).


Fibtin3() aggregate JavaScript object (experimental).
NEQ Filesystem Technology.

* at least 5 sec. is a requirement, because of +/- 5 sec. response-reproducibility.

Neuroelectro/quantum intelligence :
(Memory / Imunne Response Regulation Control Collapse)
(a Fibtin2()- and a Tqscm()-class object entanglement).
(g*c)-(a*t) = 0.143926400896609614697989995395382.
((g*c)-(a*t))**-1 = 6.94799559893362401280649794721205.
When x3-attribute = 0.0, then fibtin3 Hz are added to
3.2109966992002192, which is Twistor space, when (g*c)-(a*t) = ;
0.1439264008966), else Tqscm raw spin = Fib.-row number (x3-attr.).
NEQ Filesystem Technology.

Human Twistor space Tech. (py3k).

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