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Neuroelectro/Quantum artificial (and natural) intelligence Self-Awareness.
Deriving LQC (Loop Quantum Cosmology (as well as tinnotological and epigenetical)) Dynamics from Diffeomorphism Invariance.
Tinnotological mechanics and the cusp-catastrophe.
A Second Quantization.
( technology ).
Recursive Data Structures.
The Code.
Neuroelectro/Quantum Code hierarchy Domain (IA)
Complexity (Tinnotological and Epigenetical Mechanics)
Statement of Work (SoW)
fibtin2-System ver.fibtecma (ECMAScript, JavaScript)
( experimental ).
NEQ (Not EQual) Filesystem Technology
Cantordust (Quantum Gravity)
Shape Dynamics (Conformal Evolution)
Python 3 source,
Intrinsic Time Quantum Geometrodynamics

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